Justin Bieber shoots a new promo for his Comedy Central roast – and it's dead-on perfect

By Lynette Rice
February 24, 2015 01:55 PM

Justin Bieber got a new tattoo – and it’s right on target.

The 20-year-old singer shot another promo to hype his upcoming Comedy Central Roast on March 30.

In it, Bieber adds to his collection of tattoos by getting a giant bullseye on his back. And who’s doing the inking honors? None other than roast veteran Jeffrey Ross.

“It’s f—ing perfect,” Ross says, grinning.

The Roast will be taped in Los Angeles and hosted by comedian Kevin Hart, who already warned that he’s ready to "kill" Bieber with comedy.

Bieber already shot one promo that riffs on his infamous vandalism charge for throwing eggs at a neighbor’s home.

It’s become rather cool to be roasted by Comedy Central. In previous years, the network has roasted Charlie Sheen, James Franco and William Shatner, to name a few.