This multi-hankie promo picks up where last week's shocking episode left off
Credit: David M. Russell/CBS

Get those hankies handy.

The promo for Sunday’s episode of The Good Wife looks to be a long tearful goodbye to Will Gardner.

Julianna Margulies‘s Alicia gets the shocking news in a phone call that Josh Charles’s character is dead, followed by gut-wrenching scenes, including Alicia saying, “I loved him.”

Margulies, meanwhile, is commiserating with frazzled fans still reeling from the loss of Gardner.

The Emmy-winning actress confirmed she’s known for a year about the actor’s dramatic departure on Sunday night’s shocking episode – and she’s as sad about his exit as any loyal viewer.

“Every single day I will miss him,” she wrote in a Facebook chat Monday. “He is my friend and I love working with him.”

Will was killed off the show after Charles expressed his desire to move on from the series and explore other opportunities. Although his decision has devastated many fans, Margulies revealed that she played a role in convincing him to stay on just a little bit longer.

“Josh was going to leave at the end of last season, and I was so sad about it,” she says. “I begged him to stay and then asked the writers if they would be open to writing for him for 15 episodes, and somehow everyone agreed!”

Margulies, 47, remained coy when asked about how her character will recover from the loss of her longtime love interest, but she does paint a hopeful picture of Alicia Florrick’s romantic prospects, while also warning that next week’s episode will be “very sad.”

“I hope so,” she replied when asked whether it will be possible for Alicia to love anyone after Will. “Don’t we all wish that for anyone who has lost a love in their life? That being said, it will take a long time.”

One thing we can count on for sure going forward? Don’t expect Alicia to do any bed-hopping to cope with the loss.

“It’s called THE GOOD WIFE! Not the GOOD SLUT!” she jokingly replied when asked whether her character will “sleep her grief away with everyone” to cope.

And although she stayed tight-lipped on Will’s death while speaking to More magazine for its April cover story, she did cite their complicated love story as a favorite plotline this season.

“What I love about the flashbacks with Will … is that you get to see her true happiness in a moment where she’s not thinking about anyone but herself,” she tells the magazine. “And that’s not a normal day for Alicia.”

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