The movie is celebrating its 25th anniversary, but it might never have been made at all
Credit: Buena Vista/Getty

Pretty Woman might never have been made, were it not for a single tiny Post-it note.

The cast of the classic 1990 romantic comedy reunited Tuesday on NBC’s Today show for the movie’s 25th anniversary, revealing how the film was on the bubble for a long time – and how Julia Roberts persuaded Richard Gere to take his role in it.

Gere was on the phone with director Garry Marshall, who was trying to convince him. But Gere wasn’t sure – until Roberts, who was in the room with him, passed him a Post-it note.

“She turns it around and she pushes it to me, and it said, ‘Please say yes!’ ” Gere recalled.

He did, of course, and the rest is history.

Check out more in the video below, including Roberts and Gere’s real-world chemistry, their favorite scenes – and why they never made a sequel.

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