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May 07, 2014 09:50 AM

She may look wholesome on the outside, but Julia Roberts told Ellen DeGeneres Wednesday that she is no stranger to getting some ink.

“Yes, I have a few,” the Oscar winner, 46, said of her tattoos, turning coy, however, as to their locations as she was moved to tears of laughter on Wednesday’s The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

“Some things I can tell you the answer to, and some things I’ll tell you later,” Roberts said about their placements. “Aren’t you just rethinking me completely now?” she added with a look to the audience.

Her gallery of tattoos include all of her three children’s names and her husband Danny Moder‘s initials. She also revealed that both got tattoos of their initials before they wed in 2002.

“You didn’t want to commit to his name?” DeGeneres said teasingly.

“Actually, we were brave or idiotic, because it was before we got married,” Roberts said about of their early – and indelible – commitment.

Speaking of which, Roberts added that she was thrilled by news that her longtime friend and costar, George Clooney, 53, was finally taking the marriage plunge.

“I think it’s sublime,” said Roberts, who said she has not yet met his fiancée, British attorney and human rights activist Amal Alamuddin. “She is beautiful and smart and he is happy, and that is what matters to me.”

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Roberts also got in a sweet surprise from DeGeneres’s favorite Oscar pizza delivery guy, who showed up to deliver some pies to her audience.

“What a coincidence that we would get a guy from Russia who grew up watching Pretty Woman,” DeGeneres said of pizza man Edgar. “You were his favorite movie star of all time and now he’s serving pizza to you.”

“I think they should always have a snack break at the Oscars now,” said Roberts of the pizza stunt DeGeneres pulled when she hosted the Oscars.

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