The Northwestern University alumnus Charlie Hall just debuted his new comedic web series Sorry, Charlie
Charlie Hall See Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ Son In His New Role!
Credit: YouTube

Charlie Hall’s first leading role couldn’t be more different than his mom’s famous character Selina Meyer. Where Selina is profane, overconfident and never self-reflective, Hall’s namesake character is hilariously unsure of himself and non-confrontational.

In addition to starring in the project, Hall, the son of Veep star Julia Louis-Dreyfus, also wrote and directed his four-part comedic web series, Sorry, Charlie, alongside his friend and former Northwestern University classmate, Jack Price. The YouTube series begins with a scene where Charlie’s girlfriend breaks up with him in a restaurant by reading off a list of everything that’s wrong with him.

Each of the four points on the list — you’ll never do better than me, you have no friends, you’re horrible at sex and you have no confidence — also serve as the inspiration for the episode titles. Fortunately, the hilarious, albeit heartbreaking, breakup didn’t happen to Hall in real life, but he told PEOPLE that the short bit prompted him and Price to expand the scene into a series.

Charlie Hall See Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ Son In His New Role!
Credit: YouTube

“We wanted to do something funny, and we had this first scene of me getting brutally broken up with,” Hall, 22, said. “We had already written that together, and so we just decided to expand it and make it a little episodic.”

Hall, who studied film at Northwestern, has been creating videos since he was a kid and said he “pretty religiously” watches movies, but didn’t know he wanted to be part of the filmmaking industry until recently.

Since graduating in June, the young star has acted in the upcoming Disney+ series Love, Simon and Netflix movie, Moxie, but he said that at the time he created it, Sorry, Charlie was his “most official” project. He added that it was also the first project he “had ownership of, and it felt really good.”

Hall, who created the web series while still a student and member of Northwestern’s basketball team, was able to turn to his star-studded family for help with Sorry, Charlie. His parents, Louis-Dreyfus and Saturday Night Live alumnus Brad Hall, “have a ton of experience writing and reading scripts,” he said, and were able to help with the writing process, while his brother Henry’s music plays throughout the series.

Hall also opened up about his mother’s breast cancer diagnosis in 2017, saying “it’s a struggle to have that happen to your mom.” Despite that, he mainly had an optimistic view of the experience.

“I felt pretty lucky,” Hall shared. “Both just with the care she was able to receive and also the support from our family and friends and people reaching out to me and stuff. I think we all very much felt like we had a team, that we were not alone.”

Charlie Hall See Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ Son In His New Role!
Credit: YouTube

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Louis-Dreyfus revealed that she was in remission in 2018, about a year after first announcing her diagnosis.

Hall said he’s hoping to create a film project again soon following Sorry, Charlie, but for now he wants to share some of his sports predictions with the world.

“The Titans will make the Superbowl, the Lakers will win the Championship and the San Francisco 49ers will win the Superbowl, and they will win it by six points,” Hall predicted.

“I’m just going to say Northwestern, even if it doesn’t happen,” said Hall, who was a member of the Northwestern team for their first ever tournament bid in 2017. “I’ve got to stay strong to my alma mater — always go NU.”