The Emmy nominees dress up as each other's characters in House of Cards and Veep for Entertainment Weekly's "25 Best Characters of TV" issue

By Wade Rouse
Updated August 06, 2014 12:30 PM
Credit: EW

Talk about an about-face.

Emmy nominees Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Kevin Spacey take on perhaps their most challenging roles to date by hilariously spoofing each other’s characters on dueling covers of this week’s Entertainment Weekly.

Louis-Dreyfus and Spacey, who play very different types of political powerhouses on their respective TV shows, gamely dressed as each other for EW‘s “25 Best Characters of TV” issue.

In a suit, tie and shiny dress shoes, Louis-Dreyfus sits in the Lincoln Memorial as the ruthless, power-hungry Frank Underwood, her fingers leaving bloody trails just like Spacey’s House of Cards character.

Spacey dons the wig, makeup, pearls, red power suit and spot-on expression of bemused Veep protagonist Selina Meyer.

“Risk everything,” Louis-Dreyfus, 53, says in the issue about her rules for great comedy. “I really mean that. Don’t be afraid to look ugly. Don’t be afraid to look a fool. Just risk.”

Continued the star: “It’s why I can’t really watch that Seinfeld dance. I just look like such an a–hole and such a buffoon. But you’ve got to be willing to go there, to look ugly and unattractive, and do that thing to find your way to a true, good place, comedically or dramatically.”

Spacey, meanwhile, says his role on House of Cards is a dream, as is working alongside friend and Emmy-nominated costar Robin Wright.

“There’s just something about the trust and respect we have for each other, and the fact that in the first season she was really able to create and establish a character with so little dialogue,” Spacey, 55, says of his onscreen wife.

“I come to work every day – and they call it work, but it’s so much fun, it’s so much play.”

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