Judge Judy's Granddaughter on How Her 'Nana' Taught Her to Be a 'Strong, Independent Woman'

"I am so lucky to have you as my biggest cheerleader and supporter — and very best friend," Judge Judy Sheindlin's granddaughter and Judy Justice costar Sarah Rose wrote in an open letter

Judge Judith Sheindlin and Sarah Rose as on set of Judy Justice
Judge Judy with her granddaughter Sarah Rose. Photo: Michael Becker for IMDb TV

Judge Judy Sheindlin is embarking on a new adventure after 25 years of TV fame, and this time, it's a family affair.

The four-time Emmy Award winner, 79, was honored by her granddaughter and Judy Justice costar Sarah Rose, who penned an open letter about her "Nana," which was published on Thursday by Good Housekeeping.

"Throughout my life, your support and guidance have made me feel confident and secure in a way that's allowed me to take risks and enjoy life in a way very few have the chance to experience," Rose wrote.

"Throughout your life and your multiple successful careers, you have created a strong safety net for our entire family. This is one of the best gifts you could have given any of us. It has allowed us to go out in the world and venture down our respective paths knowing that you would always be there to support us or pick us up and dust us off if it didn't go our way," the law clerk continued.

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"That is one part of our life together that I wish the public got to see: the pure joy you get when the whole family comes together and shares life experiences and stories that have been made possible by your hard work and dedication," Rose added.

Rose reminisced about snowy winters at their family's lake house, where Sheindlin brought everyone together. "You've always told me, 'If you set the table, they will come.' You have set the family table for decades, and we all continue to gather there," she wrote, adding that she's "seen firsthand how amazing it can be when there is a strong matriarch leading the way."

"You saw qualities in me that I eventually discovered but might not have without your nurturing and constant direction. You have had a significant impact on many young ladies' lives, as evidenced by the fans who come up to you to share that you're their inspiration for success," Rose shared. "You taught me that the way to build confidence is to be independent and do work in your life that is meaningful and impactful. I have taken that message to heart just as countless others have, and it has served me well."

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Rose concluded, "I love you more and more each day and cannot wait for the future lessons we'll get to share. You are the light of my life, and I love and respect you more than you know. With your advice and direction, I have all the tools I need to be a strong, independent woman. I am so lucky to have you as my biggest cheerleader and supporter — and very best friend."

Sheindlin introduced Rose in the first trailer for Judy Justice, which dropped in September. "My law clerk happens to be my granddaughter," she explained, adding: "Sarah is wired like I am. She's a little snarky. I like that."

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After announcing last year that Judge Judy was ending after 25 years, Sheindlin and her new team found a place at IMDb TV, Amazon's free premium streaming service, for Judy Justice.

"We left on top, which is perfect," Sheindlin recently told PEOPLE. "Amazon had the confidence in me to say, 'Let's do it in streaming. Let's let you do your thing in a fresh version with new people.' And I'm excited!"

Judy Justice premiered this month, with new episodes airing every weekday on IMDb TV.

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