You'll be found guilty of using every single one of these gifs

By Andrea Wurzburger
March 02, 2020 04:00 PM

Court is no longer in session for Judy Sheindlin, a.k.a. Judge Judy, who announced that her hit, syndicated arbitration-based reality court show, Judge Judy will be ending after 25 years on air.

Have no fear: Sheindlin isn’t tired of the courtroom just yet. She will end the popular series after selling the show’s library (which spans 5,200 episodes) to CBS for an estimated $100 million, and will be starring in a follow-up show titled Judy Justice.

The Emmy Award-winning original, which premiered in 1996, made Sheindlin a household name and the highest-paid personality on TV, earning $47 million a year. On top of being the highest-paid personality on television, she’s also the most gif-able. Here are 15 Judge Judy gifs to use in any situation.

Order in the court!

When there are only 15 minutes left in your bottomless brunch and you’ve got to really pack it in.

When you win an argument even though you know that you were kind of wrong.

When someone tries to mansplain something you just said.

When you accidentally press reply-all on an office e-mail.

When you have your girlfriends over for wine night and Stacy complains about her ex-boyfriend for two hours.

The look you give your coworker when someone in the office just coughed and you’re all afraid of Coronavirus.

When you have to look at work e-mails off the clock.

When it’s Friday and you’re ready to start the weekend.

When your friend goes on a date and you need all the details.

The face you make before clicking “I agree” to the terms and conditions.

When you’re at a party and you get caught sneaking out early.

When you actually really care.

When your toddler tells you that they don’t have to use the bathroom before leaving the house.

When you get frustrated trying to teach your friends the words to “Truth Hurts” so you can all perform it at karaoke.

When you’re trying to learn how to hit The Woah and go viral on TikTok.

When someone calls your name in the supermarket and you can’t remember their face.

Thanks for the meme-mories, Judge Judy!