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July 01, 2014 06:30 PM

Modern technology can be tough for any 71-year-old to pick up, but television’s Judge Judy was a quick learner when she was introduced to Grindr in an episode that aired Monday.

While hearing a case involving defendant Aaron Murphy and the much-older plaintiff Christopher Starnes, Judge Judy posed an obvious question: Where had the two men met?

Murphy attempted to explain the hookup app with a polite euphemism: They’d met, he said, on “a social web site.” Upon further examination, the defendant admitted Grindr was “a social app that tells you where homosexual males are.” But, he assured the judge, he was only on it trying to “make friends.”

Baloney, said Judge Judy.

“You went on a particular web site,” she reasoned. “If I were looking just to make friends, I wouldn’t go on a web site just for little old Jewish ladies, I would try to expand my horizons a bit.”

Starnes was suing Murphy for not repaying money he had lent him. Murphy claimed the money was given as a gift.

Though she said she was “gagging” at Murphy’s “dishonesty,” Judge Judy eventually dismissed Starnes’s case, ruling that the money really was more of a gift than a loan.

Watch the clip above.

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