She loves McDonald's for breakfast and proposed to her husband, who's also a judge

By Lee Hernandez
September 05, 2013 01:15 PM
Credit: Dimitrios Kambouris/Wireimage

Think you know all there is about Judge Judy, 70, whose real name is Judith Sheindlin?

Well, permission to approach the bench and learn three new facts about her – the 12-time grandmother, who flies to work on a private jet:

1. She Got Down on One Knee – Sort of: “I did propose to him,” Sheindlin says in the October issue of Dujour magazine of her marrying fellow judge Jerry Sheindlin in 1978. “I said to him, ‘Where is this relationship going?’ And he tried to weasel out of it, with his, ‘Well, you know, why do we have to get married?’ Whatever. He finally capitulated. I told him to pick a date. He picked Flag Day,” she said.

2. She Loves McDonald’s: Back in 1993, before she became one of the highest-paid people in daytime television as the star of her syndicated show Judge Judy, Sheindlin was working in family court making $113,000 a year, according to the magazine. Back then, she ate Egg McMuffins for breakfast everyday. “I still think an Egg McMuffin is the best breakfast,” she says.

3. She’s a Card Shark: When she’s backstage between cases, Sheindlin plays hands of gin rummy to keep her energy up. “My maternal grandmother taught me to play. She didn’t let me win,” she tells Dujour, adding that she’s carried on that tradition. “And I don’t let my grandchildren win!”