Holy Abs! Jude Law Strips Down to (Very) Low-Rise Swimwear in 'The New Pope' Teaser

Jude Law will reprise his role as Lenny Belardo (later Pope Pius XIII), the first American pope in history in HBO's The New Pope

Can you say holy abs?

Jude Law, who starred in The Young Pope, will soon be returning to HBO in director Paolo Sorrentino’s The New Pope — and he’s baring (almost) all.

In a teaser for the upcoming series, Law, 46, ascends out of the blue ocean waters wearing only a pair of white, glistening, low-rise swimwear.

As he glows while walking across the beach, he’s surrounded by only women, who are playing volleyball, sunbathing and serving drinks while ogling his fit physique.

The nine-episode original from Sorrentino is his second series set in the world of the modern papacy, according to HBO. Written by Sorrentino with Umberto Contarello and Stefano Bise, The New Pope stars John Malkovich and Law, who will reprise his role as Lenny Belardo (later Pope Pius XIII), the first American pope in history.

Sharon Stone and Marilyn Manson are also set to guest star in the show.

As viewers recall, this isn’t the first time that Law has de-clothed for his papacy role.

In 2017’s The Young Pope, he stripped down for not one, but two scenes within the first minute.

Of the risqué depiction of his holiness, Law told PEOPLE: “What Paolo [Sorrentino, the show’s creator] wanted to demonstrate early on was this idea of him being [on the cusp of his new power] — you see the man, his naked form and then the costume, as it were, the outfit that he then puts on that, if you like, comes to define him.”

And though Law’s Pope Pius XII showed that one, brief glimpse of that naked vulnerability, the rest of the series focused on him ruling the Vatican with an increasingly iron fist.

“There aren’t too many qualities that I would say I share with him,” said Law. “Certainly some opinions of his and the treatment of certain people [I had to reconcile as an actor]. It was not hard, but it’s not always nice playing someone who’s so brutal. But that’s what it’s always like. If you play someone, you have to understand them and love them for all of their qualities — good and bad.”

The New Pope is expected to premiere later in 2019.

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