The heartthrob talks about Clare and Kate, and Victoria's meltdown

By Juan Pablo Galavis
January 14, 2014 10:30 AM
Craig Sjodin/ABC

Juan Pablo Galavis, former pro soccer player, single father and star of this season’s The Bachelor, is blogging for each week about the ladies, the dates and the difficult decisions he faces. You can also follow Juan on Twitter @JuanPaGalavis.

I couldn’t wait for this week to begin, because in all my time on The Bachelorette and The Bachelor, I had never been on a one-on-one date. Finally, the master of group dates got to have two one-on-one dates this week.

For Clare’s date, we decided to create a winter wonderland, complete with snow, ice skating and sledding, even though we were in sunny Los Angeles. Before taking Clare, I decided to spend some time and surprise Camila. She hadn’t seen snow since she was 10 months old, so I wanted to see her face during this experience. She loved it, and watching Camila see the snow and ice skate is something I won’t forget.

I knew the winter wonderland was going to be a shock to Clare, but I love surprising people. When I’m in a relationship, I always find ways to surprise my girlfriend. Being El Bachelor, I get to surprise all these women, and this one with Clare I really believed was a good one. In the car ride over, she kept asking me a million times what we were doing, and she even got a little nauseous. I remember when I carried her on my back, and as soon as I stepped on the snow she had an idea of what it was, but it wasn’t until I took the blindfold off that she was certain. Seeing her that happy and excited definitely made me smile.

We had a blast playing around in the snow. Ice skating with Clare was great, and we went sledding a couple of times. We made a bet on the race. Whoever lost had to give the winner a massage. I won the first race, but Clare wanted a rematch. We did a double or nothing, and I won again. So I decided to get one of the massages that night and save the other one for another time.

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Clare and Juan Pablo
Rick Rowell/ABC

It was nice to get into that hot tub when it was so cold around us. When Clare opened up about her dad, it really got to me. As a father myself, I want Camila to look to me one day like that. It seems like Clare’s been struggling ever since her father’s death. She even calls herself the Ice Queen. Maybe one day I will help melt that icy heart of hers. All I know for sure is that we were having a fantastic date together, and it got even better when Josh Krajcik started playing. He’s an amazing singer, and to finish the night like that, dancing in the snow perfect. I really loved my first one-on-one date.

I went big on my first date with Kat – and had an even bigger surprise waiting for her. We were going to jump on a private plane to Salt Lake City and run in an Electric Run 5K. Before we left for the airport, Kat and I had a small picnic and got to know each other better. I learned about her past and how she moved out to Arizona for her job. She’s been really career-focused and is now ready to find someone. I really liked that about Kat. Plus, she’s beautiful and she likes to dance, so she was perfect for this date.

Kat and Juan Pablo
Electric Run

I cannot describe the energy of that Electric Run. All the music, neon colors and people it was crazy. Kat and I don’t even really like running, but this was so much fun. All kinds of people were running the 5K – families with little kids, older people – it was really a great mix of people. It was so funny seeing all the fans of the show rooting for Kat to get the rose as we were running the race.

The race was amazing, but the end on the stage was even better. It was funny being on stage. I kind of felt like a rock star. The crowd was loving us, and the music was blasting. Seeing Kat go with the flow on this very different date was really important for me to see. She definitely deserved that neon rose.

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I want to give two huge shout-outs to the Models ‘n’ Mutts organization and the Best Friends Animal Society of Los Angeles. Best Friends is an amazing charity that has saved so many dogs’ lives. It was really great seeing Models n Mutts work with Best Friends to make this happen. I am a dog lover and grew up with a couple of them down in Venezuela.

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It’s almost impossible to have dogs now because I suffered a lot with my previous ones. My last dog was a Golden Retriever, and my dad, sister and I had to go to the veterinarian to put her to sleep because of cancer. It was one of the hardest things in my life. She was a family member I had to put to sleep.

I loved the idea of this photo shoot. Matching the dogs with the girls was a great idea, and I really got to see who was a good sport about doing things outside of their comfort zone. I also got to see who was good at taking care of their dogs. That was something I was secretly keeping my eye on. If they were good with their dog, then they would have at least a little sense of taking care of someone else.

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The photo shoot was a lot of fun, especially with Renee and Cassandra. Cassandra’s dog ended up eating the whole plate of spaghetti and meatballs. It was hilarious. I’m also so proud of Andi for overcoming her fear and really killing that photo shoot. I knew how hard that was for her, because it was hard for me as well, but I’m glad she did it for charity. The picture looked amazing at the end, and hopefully a dog’s life will be saved because of it.

Ay, Lucy! I had no idea Lucy was topless so much. I don’t love that she’s like that, but at the end of the day, she’s just a happy camper. That is who she is, and she’s not going to change. Despite all the inappropriate behavior, she did help Elise, and I did respect that. She made Elise feel more comfortable, and she didn’t have to do that. I liked that, but please, Lucy: Keep your top on.

That night I was really looking forward to getting to know all the girls better. Cassandra telling me she was a mom was something I wasn’t expecting, but I was glad she was able to tell me. I don’t blame her for waiting a week. She needed to get comfortable and pick the right time. Her son Trey sounds great, and I’m happy Cassandra is here. I definitely want to get to know her better.

My night was going great. I was having a really great conversation with Nikki when Victoria came around the corner and looked and sounded drunk. Before going on this adventure, that was one of the things I wished wouldn’t happen. I do not like girls who get sloppy drunk. That’s a big turnoff for me because I have a daughter and need Camila to always be around role models. I wanted to give Victoria the benefit of the doubt. I knew she was very nervous about everything, and I understand how tough this experience can be.

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I wanted to talk to her after I had finished with Nikki to see how she was doing. From the little I saw in the bathroom, she was not doing well at all. I didn’t see all the fireworks with Victoria after that, but wow. I don’t even know what to say. Just wow. I really am thankful that Renee was there to take care of Victoria and make sure she was as safe as possible. Little things like that tell me a lot about someone like Renee and make me like her even more. She is a great mom.

I didn’t have a date with Sharleen this week, so I was happy to have some time to talk to her. She definitely didn’t need to apologize for how she waited to accept my rose last week. I’m just getting to know her, and she’s just getting to know me. I know she feels out of place, but I see something there and will keep trying to make her feel relaxed so hopefully she opens up to me later on.

I hate the rose ceremonies, and even though I had to say goodbye to only two women, it was still a difficult decision. Amy L. and Chantel are great women, but I just didn’t see a future there with them. I know each week will get tougher and tougher for me.

Well, that was a dramatic first week in the house. Keep watching next Sunday for some Bachelor love stories and more dates. I take a huge leap with a special girl, and I get to make my own futbol team with the girls in the house.

Gracias por ver y leer/Thanks for watching and reading.

Juan Pablo