Juan Pablo's 'Bachelor' Blog: My Favorite Entrances and Hopes for Forgiveness

The new Bachelor launches his exclusive PEOPLE.com blog

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Former Bachelorette contestant Juan Pablo Galavis is back – only he’s the one handing out the roses as the newest bachelor. The former professional soccer player and single father will blog all season long on PEOPLE.com about the ladies, the dates and the difficult decisions he faces. You can also follow Juan on Twitter @JuanPaGalavis.

Who in the world would think you are going to have the chance to meet 25 women in one night? No one, but guess what? I did. That happens when you are The Bachelor, and this season, I am El Bachelor.

When I got called to meet with the producers in L.A., I said to myself, “You know you don’t like hurting people, do you really want to get in trouble?” But ultimately, the opportunity to meet 25 women who were looking for SOMEONE to spend the rest of their lives with – who knew how I am, what I wanted, and that I had a daughter – was a chance I couldn’t pass up.

Going into the first night as The Bachelor, I was preparing myself for 25 women, and then all of a sudden Chris Harrison comes up and drops a BOMB on me! He tells me that there will be two additional women. I couldn’t believe that many women were taking time from their busy lives to meet me. I was very, very flattered.

From Calm to Crazy

I remember feeling totally calm and ready to meet the women … right up until before the first limo pulled up. That was when the nerves really hit me!

As the women in the first limo came out, they were ON FIRE and they were gorgeous. Then the second limo came and I was like, “REALLY? Even better!” After the first half of the girls, I was a MESS because they were all so beautiful that I already lost track of them!

After being on Desiree’s season, I was expecting some crazy stunts that night but everyone was really great. Some people may think that Clare was crazy to come out with a pregnant belly, but I LOVED it. When I saw her step out, I was like, “OMG” but after a second and seeing that kind of weird shape on her belly, I was like, “Ohhh, good one …”

The other entrance that I liked was Lauren S. I had no idea what I was seeing! I heard the music and didn’t know where that was coming from. Then I looked to my right and I was like, “A piano bike?!” I love music and even though she messed up a little, that’s okay because I knew how nervous she must have been. She even forgot to tell me her name – so I ran inside to make sure I got it and could find time to talk to her later.

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Overwhelmed by 27 Beauties

After meeting beautiful woman after beautiful woman, I went inside to the mansion and WOW, I had 54 eyes staring at me and I felt like a piece of meat for a second – it was overwhelming. I couldn’t believe how lucky I was to have THIS group of women here. After we all toasted to the beginning of our adventure, I started having conversations with the women.

Talking with the women, they were all great, but I mean – Sharleen came all the way from Germany to meet me! I was so impressed by her beauty, by her job as an opera singer and that she tiene mundo/has worldliness. I knew just by her dress that she was different in a good way and I had to get to know this woman better.

I decided to give Sharleen that first impression rose. I had no idea that Sharleen had some doubts about the rose and the whole experience, but I absolutely do not regret giving her that rose because I really want to spend more time with her – plus I can’t wait to hear her sing.

I HATE rose ceremonies because I hate hurting people, and I knew people were going to be hurt with my goodbyes. Things only got worse when I gave Kat a rose but Kylie started walking up toward me. Ay ay ayyyyy! I almost died because I felt so bad for Kylie. I hope some day she forgives me.

Overall, I had a truly AMAZING first night. It was a great beginning to my adventure as El Bachelor. Hope you will keep watching next Sunday and Monday to see more behind the scenes footage and my first dates of the season.

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On yeah, finally next week I got to go on my first Juan-on-Juan date. It gets kind of chilly in L.A. so I might get in a hot tub. And hey, why not go flying somewhere for my second date? Even though I will be busy, there will ALWAYS be time for Mi Chiquiturri (Camila).

HUGE thank you to my parents for taking care of my daughter Camila while I was at the Mansion and also to Sean Lowe for coming over to give me some advice before that first night.

Gracias por ver y leer/Thanks for watching and reading,


Juan Pablo

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