"It's work. But it's work that rewards itself many times over," Jackson told PEOPLE
Credit: Kevork Djansezian/Getty

Joshua Jackson and Diane Kruger have been happily dating since 2006. So what makes the Hollywood couple work so well together?

“We work at it,” Jackson told PEOPLE at The Hollywood Foreign Press Association and InStyle celebrate the 2016 Golden Globe Awards Season event in West Hollywood on Tuesday. “I mean it’s so banal. It’s not always easy because nothing in life that’s worth doing is always easy.”

“I understand at 37 better than I ever did at any other time in my life what the phrase like, ‘Love’s labor’ really means,” he added. “It’s work. But it’s work that rewards itself many times over.”

As for the couple’s holiday plans, Jackson says, “We’re going to spend American Thanksgiving here and then we’ll go to Germany to see Diane’s family for Christmas.”

And the Affair actor admits that when the pair returns home, he’ll most likely have holiday weight gain.

“Diane’s family goes whole hog,” he explained at the FIJI-sponsored soirée. “Germans are all about Christmas so they have these Christmas festival month things. I’m going to come back at 300 pounds. It’s amazing.”

“You just go and eat for 20 days,” he continued. “It’s great and the food is excellent!”