Josh Murray Says He's 'Moved on' from Ex Amanda Stanton, but 'Wishes Her the Best' on 'Bachelor in Paradise' Round Two' '

The former couple got engaged last summer on Bachelor in Paradise

Josh Murray and Amanda Stanton won’t be giving their past romance another shot.

Last summer, Murray, 32, and Stanton, 27, met and fell in love on ABC’s Bachelor in Paradise. But in January, Stanton confirmed that the Bachelor nation contestants had ended their whirlwind romance and called off the engagement.

Despite their attempt to work on their relationship in the months following their split, the duo will not be getting back together, according to Murray.

“I am definitely not trying to get back together with Amanda. We are done. That ship has sailed a long time ago,” Murray tells PEOPLE. “There’s been communications over the past few months; it hasn’t been a fun few moths to deal with.”

Since the mother of two and Murray severed the ties on their romance, PEOPLE has learned that Stanton will be returning to Bachelor in Paradise for her third shot at love on an ABC reality series — and Murray is hopeful that she will find it.

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“At the end of the day, I wish her the best and I wish she can move on. I know she’s going to be going on Bachelor in Paradise for the third time, so hopefully she can try again and find something,” he says.

Murray, who “decided to take the plunge” and signed up for the dating app Hinge, admits that although he’s been living in a “negative world these past few months,” which has in turn “sucked everything out” of him, he’s trying to focus on the positive moving forward.

“I wish nothing but the best for her, but I have moved on,” he says, but assures, “We will not be getting back together.”

Though Murray stayed mum on the reasoning for the former couple’s split, he did reveal that “there were a lot of things that happened” that contributed to them calling it quits.

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While the pair will not be reconciling romantically in the future, Murray’s months-long relationship with Stanton did confirm an already burning desire in the bachelor: fatherhood.

“I love kids to death. I learned being in that relationship that I cannot wait to have my own kids. Kins and Char, I was a big part of their lives and they were a big part of my life,” he says about Stanton’s two young daughters, Kinsley and Charlie. “That’s what kept me there for a long time, my love for them. I can’t wait to be a father one day. I have to find the right person. I’m not sure I learned about myself, but I did learn about the things I want and I don’t want.”

He adds: “The relationship kind of goes sour when you don’t want to be in it anymore. I learned that I cant’ do that anymore. I have to go with my heart — the longer I don’t do that, the worse it gets.”

Bachelor in Paradise will return to ABC this summer.

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