By Lindsay Kimble
Updated June 19, 2015 12:25 PM

Josh Hutcherson seemingly achieved the unachievable – he attended a music festival, and he did so undetected!

The Hunger Games star mingled among the crowds at last week’s Bonnaroo music festival, and he employed some unique methods of remaining incognito.

The recognizable star, 22, revealed his techniques to Conan O’Brien on Conan Thursday, giving a celebrity how-to for attending music fests without having to pose for fan selfies.

“There’s two ways, one is you dress like a Mexican drug cartel, which is bandanna, sunglasses and hat,” he told O’Brien. “You feel really creepy, but they don’t recognize you.”

The actor’s second tactic involves plying fans with junk food.

“Two, you just walk around with your face out in the open,” he joked, “and they’re all so far gone on substances, you just like throw a Twinkie and they go running after it anyways.”

This year’s edition of the annual four-day festival in Manchester, Tennessee, featured headline performances from artists like Billy Joel, Mumford & Sons and Kendrick Lamar.