Josh Flagg only wanted one thing after he woke up from back surgery

Josh Flagg would be the first to admit that he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth which he uses to indulge his expensive taste.

So there was only wanted one thing he wanted he woke up from back surgery on Wednesday – Spago Beverly Hills’ signature dish.

The Million Dollar Listing: Los Angeles star, 32, shared a hilarious Instagram video of himself as his anesthetic wore off following his surgery.

“Hey Josh, open your eyes. It’s Dr. Kim. How’re you doing?” his doctor asks him as he slowly wakes up.

“I want a pizza from Spago,” he said, slightly slurring his words, but making it clear he wanted food from the sleek Beverly Hills bistro.

“You want a pizza from Spago?” Dr. Kim asked. “What kind of pizza?”

Flagg mumbled slightly, but clarified his craving, saying, “Smoked salmon, caviar… so light it up.”

Spago Beverly Hills is renowned for it’s famous smoked salmon pizza with caviar — it was even featured on Frank Pinello’s The Pizza Show alongside celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck, who opened the restaurant in 1982.

When Flagg’s doctor attempted to see if he wanted to say anything else, he simply repeated, “I want a smoked salmon pizza with caviar from Spago,” as well as insisting that it be “kosher.”

In the caption of the video, Flagg wrote about the experience, saying, “Wow if this video didn’t sum me up to a tee then I don’t know what would! I just don’t know when I became kosher. #backsurgeryrecovery #anesthesia.”