After an odd, unprompted social-media attack from the former Vice Presidential nominee, Dunham declined to engage or comment
Credit: Steve Sands/GC; Andrew Harrer/Getty

Sarah Palin isn’t too happy with what she calls “obvious double standards” between the Duggar family and actress Lena Dunham.

“HEY LENA, WHY NOT LAUGH OFF EVERYONE’S SEXUAL ‘EXPERIMENTS’ AS YOU HAUGHTILY ENJOY REWARDS FOR YOUR OWN PERVERSION? YOU PEDOPHILE, YOU,” Palin wrote on her Facebook Thursday, entangling Dunham, 29, in a scandal she had yet to address in any way.

Palin insists she’s “not defending” Josh Duggar or his “obvious wrongdoing over a decade ago.”

“The main victim in any story like this isn’t the perpetrator, it’s the innocent ones so harmfully affected. I m not an apologist for any sexual predator, but I m sickened that the media gives their chosen ones a pass for any behavior as long as they share their leftwing politics,” added Palin – who also commended her daughter, Bristol for having “the guts to call out” the “radical liberals in media.”

She continued, “Case in point, they suggest Lena Dunham’s sexual assault on her sibling is cute, and she’s rewarded for it with fame and fortune. Meanwhile, they crucify another, along with an entire family.”

Dunham – who declined to respond to Palin’s comments – fought back critics who accused her in November of molesting her younger sister based on a story in her book Not That Kind of Girl.

The excerpt in question:

“One day, as I sat in our driveway in Long Island playing with blocks and buckets, my curiosity got the best of me. Grace was sitting up, babbling and smiling, and I leaned down between her legs and carefully spread open her vagina. She didn’t resist and when I saw what was inside I shrieked.” Dunham has commented on the reaction to that section of her book.

Palin, 51, explains that, “the Duggar debate needs to shift from solely [Josh’s] obvious wrongdoing when he was 14 years old” to two other conversations.

• “The shocking, unethical leak of a private, legally protected counseling document by a politically motivated law enforcement official. Media – time to go after her or him for illegalities and for destroying the public’s trust in law enforcement.”

• “The media’s hell-bent mission to go after the entire Duggar family for one member s wrongdoing, while giving a total pass to perverted actions of someone like Lena Dunham – or any other leftwinger celeb caught doing awful things. Remember reports of the pedophile billionaire our former democrat president has been friends with and hung out with on the pedophile’s ‘orgy island’ full of underage girls?”