"We pulled Josh out of the home," Jim Bob Duggar told Megyn Kelly
Credit: Courtesy Fox News

Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar went to extreme measures to protect their children after their son Josh confessed to molesting five underage girls – even if that meant having to put up safeguards in their house.

“They didn’t know anything happened because they were asleep,” Jim Bob told journalist Megyn Kelly on Fox News Wednesday.

So, when the parents went to sleep at night, they were prepared.

“We had safeguards that protected them from that,” he added.

It was after the third time that Josh came to them, that he felt like “we had done everything we can as parents to handle this in-house. We need to get help.”

Jim Bob explained that they “pulled Josh out of the home” for counseling in a Christian treatment program.

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Additional portions of Kelly’s interview with the Duggars will air on The Kelly File will air during a one-hour special on Friday at 9 p.m. ET.