Comedians took aim at the reality stars after their oldest son's alleged fondling of five girls

By Michele Corriston
May 28, 2015 08:35 PM

The famously conservative Duggars seemed to be models of wholesome family life, but son Josh was hiding a dark past: He allegedly molested five young girls as a teen. Subscribe now for an inside look at the Duggars’ dark family secrets, only in PEOPLE.

Though the future of their show remains uncertain, the Duggars still have a spot on TV – the reality stars are being ripped apart by comedians.

The Nightly Show‘s Larry Wilmore, The Daily Show‘s Jon Stewart and the brains behind Funny or Die have all ridiculed the family’s handling of a dark scandal this week.

Jim Bob, 49, and Michelle Duggar, 48, are under fire after reports that their son Josh, 27, molested five underage girls have a teen resurfaced last week.

In a Funny or Die video uploaded online Wednesday, actors playing the Christian couple ridicule parody their response to the allegations.

“We did the right thing and immediately waiting three years before we called the authorities,” the fake Michelle tells the camera, as her husband chimes in, “and then we sent him to a counselor … ”

” … who was our friend, this guy we know, who’s in the remodeling business in Little Rock,” she finished.

On Tuesday, Comedy Central’s Stewart and Wilmore traded barbs about 19 Kids and Counting.

“It was just so nice to watch a show about a family with togetherness and good old fashioned values,” Wilmore, 53, joked about catching up on the series while on vacation. “I hope nothing happens that makes me recontextualize their closeness and isolation as something dangerous.”

“You know what?” Stewart responded, deciding not to share the bad news. “Just enjoy your favorite show.”

But Wilmore really laid into the Duggars on The Nightly Show on Wednesday.

“So you mean to tell me that the family that goes around saying gay and trans people are pedophiles preying on America’s young people actually has a pedophile that preyed on America’s young people?” he cracked. “Wow, I hate pedophiles, but I love irony.”

Later, he quipped that statistically, one of the Duggars was bound to be “a sexual pervert.”

Yeah … he went there.

“When you have a sample size this large, you’re going to have a few clinkers. You think all 31 Baskin Robbins flavors are good?” he said. “There’s like 17 good flavors you guys, tops. The rest suck ass. Or to keep my analogy on point, the rest forcibly fondle underage asses.

“Josh Duggar is the pink bugglegum ice cream of the family. You disgust me, pink bubblegum ice cream.”