Joseph Gordon-Levitt Dons a 'Foxcatcher' -esque Fake Nose on 'Conan' (VIDEO)

Levitt's musical show, HITRECORD ON TV, is now available as a box set

Photo: TBS

Steve Carell‘s been getting a lot of attention for the fake schnozz he donned in Foxcatcher, but Joseph Gordon-Levitt, for one, is not about to be left out of the fun.

JGL, 33, visited Conan on Wednesday, and when prompted by O’Brien to don a fake nose, did so and launched into what he thought was an appropriate character for the prosthesis.

Levitt recently did a Reddit AMA and mentioned that he’s hard at work adapting Neil Gaiman’s beloved comic series Sandman for a film with writers David Goyer and Jack Thorne.

Season one of Gordon-Levitt’s HITRECORD ON TV is now available as a box set, just in time for the holiday season.

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