'Trump It Up a Little Bit!' Jon Stewart Transforms into the Donald with a Little Help from Stephen Colbert

"If I'm elected ... I will build a wall around politics and I will make politics pay for it!" Jon Stewart said on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert


Jonald Trump?

Jon Stewart stopped by The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on Thursday to deliver a very important message about the now-expired Zadroga Act. But his delivery was a bit “boring!”

“That’s got no zazz,” Colbert said after Stewart interrupted his monologue. “No one is gonna listen to you unless you, and I don’t know how to put this, you Trump it up a bit. Face it, Jon. The media won’t pay attention to anything at all, unless you are Donald Trump.

So, there was only one thing to do. Transform Stewart into the GOP presidential hopeful.

Colbert obtained a blond Trump-like wig, and placed it on a reluctant Stewart. With the Trump transformation complete (or so Stewart thought), Stewart began his speech again, but Colbert still wasn’t impressed.

The host then pulled out a large bag of hot Cheetos and smeared what appeared to be cheese powder on Stewart’s face, advising him to “bring the Trump.”

And “bring the Trump” he did.

With hands waving and shoulders shaking, Stewart encouraged every one to urge Congress to pass the Zadroga Act – which benefited the first responders of the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks.

“Let me tell you something! These 9/11 first responders are the most top notch, first class, diamond encrusted heroes America can produce!” he said.

“If I’m elected, and I will be elected, I will build a wall around politics and I will make politics pay for it!”

Stewart delivered the same – less Trump-ified – message earlier this week when he returned to The Daily Show and slammed Congress for not renewing the Zadroga 9/11 Health & Compensation Act.

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