Stewart joined Stephen Colbert on The Late Show to star in an extended musical voting PSA

Just in time for Election Day, Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart took one last shot at presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Stewart, 53, joined Colbert on Monday’s episode of The Late Show, starring in an extended musical voting PSA urging Americans to hit the polls and vote in Tuesday’s presidential election.

The skit opens with a young girl telling Colbert, 52, that she’s “too scared to vote.” Colbert breaks out into song to encourage her to participate in the democratic process — but out pops Stewart to play devil’s advocate, decked out in a red top hat, a sash bearing his own name and one very thick southern accent.

“Let the young woman do as she please,” he cries. “If the girl does not want to vote, I say the girl does not have to vote!”

Stewart sings a few lines about how “democracy is optional,” but Colbert interrupts to remind him who’s running for president. (“I haven’t paid much attention,” quips Stewart.)

His reaction? Well, it involved quite a bit of water-spewing — all over Colbert, of course — and a few choice words for the GOP nominee.

“Are you kidding me?! Are you serious?” demands Stewart, dropping the accent. “That angry, tax- and draft-dodging little orange groundhog is running for President?”

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The young girl then breaks out into another song, this time offering a more nuanced argument for abstaining from the political process.

“It’s not my fault the system gave us two unsavory folks,” she sings. “If either shared my values, I’d be first in line to vote / But in civil oligarchy, we don’t have a real choice / How can I change a system that won’t listen to my voice?”

“I don’t know what to say,” admits Colbert. “I kind of see where she’s coming from.”

But it doesn’t end there — Hamilton star Javier Muñoz arrives at the critical moment to provide the group with some reinforcement.

“We’ve gone through a lot, and you’re temperature’s hot,” he raps. “But please tell me you’re not throwing away your shot. … Staying home isn’t a statement — you’re saying you gave up your say in the way that your state went.”

Muñoz’s lines win them all over, and the segment comes to a close with everyone in agreement about the importance of ballot-casting — and one last dig from Stewart.

“[Trump]’s endorsed by David Duke,” he sings. “His tiny hands might get a nuke.”

“You know, [Trump] acts real tough but he’s a wussy,” he continues. “He’d probably fill the court with Gary Busey. And then he’ll grab your mother’s …”

“Jon!” interrupts Colbert, pointing to the young girl. “We got the kid.”

“Kitty cat,” says Stewart. “Meow!”

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