A contest will be held to allow fans to attend Stewart's final taping of the show

By Alex Heigl
Updated April 21, 2015 07:45 AM
Comedy Central

If Jon Stewart‘s departure from The Daily Show didn’t seem real before, it sure does now.

Stewart announced Monday night that Aug. 6 will be his final broadcast of The Daily Show before new host Trevor Noah takes over, Variety reports.

Stewart didn’t provide too many details about the final show’s agenda (maybe Feist can do a heartrending version of “One for My Baby, and One More for the Road”), but he did mention that there would be a contest allowing Daily Show fans to attend his final taping of the show.

Noah faces a rough time coming into his hosting slot. Shortly after the relatively unknown comic was announced as Stewart’s replacement, Twitter users uncovered a series of jokes that were either offensive and controversial or just plain unfunny, depending on whom you asked.

Many comedians, like Patton Oswalt, Daily Show correspondent Aasif Mandvi and even Stewart himself came to Noah’s defense in the wake of the outcry.