Jon Huertas has a foolproof way to get his This is Us costar Mandy Moore to laugh on set

By Maria Pasquini
March 15, 2018 01:34 PM

Jon Huertas has a foolproof way to get his This is Us costar Mandy Moore to laugh on set of their famously emotional series.

“I’ll just throw a little improv in there between scenes,” the actor, who plays Moore’s character’s second husband Miguel Rivas on the beloved NBC show, tells PEOPLE Now.

“Usually it’s right at the end of the scene, I let her breathe for a beat and then I’ll say something different than what was in the scene, something completely opposite than what the scene was about,” he explains. “And it usually makes her laugh and hopefully that lightens the mood if it’s a little heavy.”

But even though his comedic efforts are effective, Huertas adds that he’s not totally sure his costar approves.

“She laughs in the moment, [but] she might go away and say ‘That stupid Jon, he’s always playing around,’ ” he continues.


The actor went on to add that while he doesn’t know what season three of This is Us will have in store for his character, he’d love for Miguel to finally get some acceptance from the three Pearson siblings.

“I would love to see a scene between Miguel and the Big Three where they give him their blessing to marry their mom because to me that’s very important to the story, that the kids have allowed this relationship to happen,” he explains.

Huertas adds that the scene would likely be “super emotional” for Miguel “because I think that’s ultimately what Miguel wants, to be accepted.”

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And although Huertas reveals he’s pretty sure the cliffhanger flash-forward shared by Sterling K. Brown‘s character Randall Pearson and one of his daughters during Wednesday’s season finale is about Randall’s wife Beth, the actor says there’s no use trying to predict what journey This is Us will go on next.

This is Us never does anything the obvious way. There’s always a great twist,” he adds.