Jon Gosselin revealed that he and his girlfriend Colleen Conrad have discussed taking their relationship to the next level

Jon Gosselin may be an engaged man soon.

The reality star, 41, revealed that he and his girlfriend Colleen Conrad have discussed taking their relationship to the next level. “I’ve been with Colleen for four years now,” he told reporters at WE tv’s Real Love: Relationship Reality TV’s Past, Present & Future panel on Tuesday in Beverly Hills.

“I’ve thought about it, yeah — talked about it,” the father of eight said about the possibility of an engagement. “She’s driven. I’ve known Colleen my whole life. We grew up three blocks from each other. Her sister used to babysit me.”

As for when he might pop the question, Jon said: “Just look at my Instagram. That’s how stories get out anyway, I guess. It’s so funny.”

Jon Gosselin and Colleen Conrad
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The former TLC star, who was previously married to ex-wife Kate Gosselin from 1999–2009, has continued to share photos of himself with Conrad — who is a mother of two — since he first raved about her on Instagram in April 2015.

In November, Jon posted a picture of their blended family, including two of his children: daughter Hannah and son Collin, both 14. (Collin and Hannah are two of Jon and Kate’s sextuplets — along with Alexis, Leah, Joel and Aaden. Jon and Kate also share twins Mady and Cara, both 18.) Also featured in the photo were Conrad’s son Jesse and daughter Jordan.

During the event, Gosselin also told reporters that he has been awarded temporary sole custody of Collin.

For over two years, Collin has been living away from his family in a program for children with special needs. Ex Kate previously told PEOPLE she made the difficult decision to enroll her son in the program in order to help him reach his full potential.

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When Collin leaves the program later this year, he will live with Jon. “It was just easier for the transition,” Jon said. “So it’d be easier for one parent to just transition him home, and he wanted to live with me, so it was easier to do it that way. Hannah lives with me full time.”

PEOPLE confirmed in November that Jon and his attorney submitted papers to a Pennsylvania court on Oct. 24 requesting that Collin live with him, a decision he claims would be in Collin’s “best interest.” In November, Kate, and her lawyer reportedly did not show up to court after her request to postpone the hearing was denied.