Coming Soon to a Club Near You: DJ Jon Gosselin

The former Jon & Kate Plus 8 star has switched careers yet again

Photo: Ben Gabbe/Getty

Over the last five-plus years, Jon Gosselin has waited tables, installed solar panels and created apps for local businesses.

He even briefly returned to reality TV last year with a stint on VH1’s Couples Therapy, with his now ex-girlfriend Liz Jannetta.

But now he swears he’s found something he truly likes: spinning tunes.

“I love it,” he tells PEOPLE exclusively. “The hours are great. I get to go out, have a good time with all my friends, play the music I like to hear and have the day to myself.”

The name he goes by?

DJ Jon Gosselin.

“It’s not going away, so I figure I’m just going to take advantage of it,” he says of his post Jon & Kate Plus 8 notoriety.

He currently DJs about 12 to 15 gigs a month, working solo at smaller venues like The Bally Hotel in Bally, Pennsylvania, and the Sportsmen’s Cafe in Allentown, Pennsylvania, and with two other DJs in larger venues. (Gosselin still lives in the Reading, Pennsylvania, area.)

“It’s not easy,” says Gosselin, 38. “You have to know what you’re doing. You have to keep the flow.”

He says has no set playlist but does have a few favorites.

“If you’re going to do a playlist you might as well have a jukebox,” he says. “I play to the crowd.

“I’ll go back to the ’50s and play some James Brown then into the ’80s: Prince and stuff like that,” he says. “Then into the ’90s, and then Taylor Swift or whatever. I just move around.”

And unlike some DJs he does take requests.

“Absolutely,” he says.

The one venue he won’t work? Weddings.

“I’ve had bad experiences,” he says. “The brides get pissed. I’ve been at people’s weddings and then their guests start taking pictures of me and it’s not good. It’s an uncomfortable situation.”

“We’re not talking about going to a wedding in LA where everyone’s famous and on TV,” he adds. “Around here, it’s different.”

Eventually, Gosselin hopes to turn to promoting DJs full time but he knows he needs to stick to spinning records himself for a while.

“I have to be more patient and let my dreams turn into ideas,” he says. “I’m tired of job hopping.”

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