Aaron Rodgers Is 'Absolutely' Invited to Jordan Rodgers' and JoJo Fletcher's Wedding

"There's no scenario in which I wouldn't want my entire family at a wedding," Jordan told reporters Tuesday

Photo: ABC/People

JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers‘ wedding planning is still in the early stages, but one thing’s for sure: Jordan’s brother Aaron Rodgers is definitely on the guest list.

Despite Jordan’s estrangement from his brother being a major source of interest on this season of The Bachelorette, Jordan told reporters during a conference call on Tuesday that his NFL star older brother will “absolutely” be invited to the wedding.

“There’s no scenario in which I wouldn’t want my entire family at a wedding, so absolutely, that’s something all of our family wants and hopes for at some point,” said Jordan, 27.

And in the meantime, Fletcher and Jordan – who went public with their engagement after Monday’s season finale – are looking forward to what’s already shaping up to be one very big wedding.

“I have the biggest family and I know my mom already has the largest list of people to invite,” Fletcher told reporters during the call. “It will probably be big. I actually started sending him Pinterest photos of types of weddings. I think right now – and this is embarrassing that I already know this – I like an outdoor, kind of rustic wedding. I’m in the phase right now where I’m just sending him pictures and seeing if he agrees!”

“We’re on the same page of what it could look like,” Jordan said.

“It’s going to be a big wedding!” he added. “There’s going to be a lot of people there. We can’t wait to take a deep breath in a few days and get settled in Dallas and then really start planning that.”

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As for the issue of his relationship with Aaron coming to light on the reality show, Jordan said he knew it was something he needed to open up about in order to fully pursue his relationship with Fletcher, 25.

“I went into this knowing that it was TV show and that I only had a small opportunity on camera to tell JoJo everything I needed to in order to get to a place where we could be engaged – and family stuff is a part of that,” he said.

“But you know, there’s a lot of people that we’re excited to share this moment with and this new chapter of our life with and that’s what we’re focusing on,” he continued. “We’re focusing on moving and getting settled in our place and getting our families together and getting our friends together. That’s what we’re really looking forward to.”

Meanwhile, Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron has remained more or less mum on the topic – though he recently told reporters he hasn’t been watching the show and when pressed further about the nature of the relationship, he declined to elaborate.

“As far as those kinds of things go, I’ve always found that it’s a little inappropriate to talk publicly about some family matters,” said Aaron, 32. “So I’m just – I’m not going to speak on those things, but I wish him well in the competition.”

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