The actor also dishes on how he's balancing his filming schedule with Fuller House

By Julia Emmanuele
Updated September 29, 2015 12:15 PM
Credit: Erica Parise/FOX

While most of us might be reminded of Full House‘s Uncle Jesse when we watch promos for John Stamos‘ new show Grandfathered, it turns out that Stamos had a different heartthrob in mind when he formed his character.

“The show is about a George Clooney kind of guy,” Stamos tells PEOPLE the show’s rakish protagonist Jimmy. “He’s a bachelor who thinks he’s got it all, but there is something missing. He finds out he has a son and it takes him aback, but that’s not all. It turns out that he’s got a daughter, and that makes him a grandfather.”

But even if you’re having a hard time seeing your ’90s TV crush playing a grandfather, Stamos is having a blast in his new role: “I think it’s funny and ironic, and that’s what makes it different.”

Stamos is also having a great time working with his new on-screen son, Josh Peck – and it turns out that the Full House alum has even picked up a trick or two from Peck, 28.

“I learn a ton from Josh. He’s a really good man,” Stamos says. “He’s a gentleman and knows himself. He’s got a cool sense of humor, which is different from mine. Even the first day of shooting, I was, like, how would you say this? Give me a joke here. He’s a smart, sharp guy.”

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Despite how much fun he’s been having on the set of Grandfathered, Stamos has still been making plenty of time for the Danny Tanner and his lovable brood.

“I did the bulk of the work on Fuller House, prepping it started before our prep [for Grandfathered],” Stamos says of the “multitasking” his new schedule requires. “I did the first couple episodes, which was great, and then I went straight into this. It’s good. The studios are right down the street from each other so I go back and forth.”

Does that mean we’ll be able to see Jimmy and Jesse’s worlds collide at some point? We can only hope.

Reporting by PATRICK GOMEZ

Grandfathered premieres Tuesday at 8 p.m. on FOX.