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August 06, 2015 03:10 PM

Love is in the air at Fox.

John Stamos and Rob Lowe are both starring in new comedies at the network: The Grinder for Lowe and Grandfathered for Stamos. They also are attached to two upcoming shows, with Lowe acting in NBC’s You, Me and the End of the World and Stamos bringing back Uncle Jesse’s mullet for Netflix’s Fuller House. Plus, they’re both total heartthrobs.

“As a founding member of Jimmy Kimmel’s Handsome Men’s Club I am looking forward to the time John makes it in,” Lowe, 51, joked during The Grinder‘s panel at the Television Critics Association junket in Los Angeles on Thursday. “There is a rumor –”

“Rob, tell the truth, we’ve dated for years!” Stamos, 51, heckled from the back of the ballroom as the crowd laughed.

“This is what journalism has become,” Lowe cracked. “Anyone can get credentialed!”

On a more serious note, Lowe told reporters he immediately loved the script of The Grinder, which follows his character, Dean, as an actor who played a lawyer on TV and decides to try his hand at the real deal in his father’s practice – much to the chagrin of his brother, actual attorney Stewart (Fred Savage). At the panel, Lowe said his dad is still practicing law at age 75, and one of his sons is in law school.

“I came up in a time when the leading men were anti-heroes. It would have been fun to come up today, but the guys you wanted to emulate were the Dustin Hoffmans, so I was the odd man out,” he said of his career. “My favorite show as a kid growing up was Saturday Night Live … so when I got to do SNL, it was a dream come true. I learned a tremendous amount from The West Wing and a lot from Parks and Recreation and Brothers and Sisters, and without being too fine about it, everything has led to this, and my ability to play a guy like The Grinder. It’s a perfect time for me to play a guy who has done a lot of television.”

As for Stamos, he told the press at the Grandfathered panel that he also relates to his character, a bachelor who learns he has a son and a baby granddaughter.

“When you pull the curtain behind it, this character is a lost and insecure guy just like everybody else,” he said.

Not having kids, he added, “is something that is missing in Jimmy’s life, and it’s a bit autobiographical, but that is something I hope to achieve at some point in my life, to be a father. I was watching the pilot the other night and it was like, is this a pilot or an E! True Hollywood Story?”

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