When asked if he had "any little tricks as a lover," the Full House star also said, he loves to cuddle: "That's where I really excel"

By Brittany King
April 28, 2016 11:40 AM

In the words of Jesse Katsopolis, have mercy!

Just to help you get through these last two days of the work week, John Stamos got very candid about his sex life on KIIS 106.5’s The Kyle and Jackie O Show on Thursday.

When asked if he has “any little tricks as a lover,” Stamos revealed his signature move: “The Stamos Straddler.”

“I do that sometimes,” the Fuller House star said, but added that he’s actually a cuddly guy.

“That’s where I really excel,” he said. “I like a good cuddle.”

During his appearance on The Talk on Tuesday, Stamos admitted that when it comes to dating, he isn’t as confident as everyone may think.

“I’m always afraid to ask for numbers,” the 52-year-old told the co-hosts before explaining that women tend to just come right out and say to him, “I don’t like you, John.”

Now that we know about The Stamos Straddler, who else finds that a little tough to believe?

Fuller House is currently streaming on Netflix.