April 26, 2016 05:30 PM

John Stamos may be a hunk of burning love, but the Grandfathered star admits he doesn’t always get the girl.

Asked on Tuesday’s The Talk if he’s ever been shot down when asking for a phone number, he admitted that has definitely happened.

“I’m always afraid to ask for numbers,” said Stamos. When the Talk co-hosts expressed shock that someone would turn down Stamos, they asked if the ladies give excuses (such as being married). Stamos’ cheeky response? They simply say, “I don’t like you John.”

Stamos also opened up about his very early days on TV General Hospital in 1982, saying even after landing on the soap as a teenager, he continued to work at his father’s restaurant on the weekends.

“I worked there for months,” said Stamos. “I [eventually] said, ‘Dad, I’m a teen idol. I got to get out of here.”

Stamos, 52, got emotional earlier this month at the TV Land Icon Awards, where he dedicated his win to his late parents. On The Talk, he said part of the reason he got choked up was he was looking around the room and seeing people who had been with him, even through “adversity.”

“I have some really beautiful people in my life,” said Stamos. “I looked around that room and saw people who had been by my side for a lot of years.”

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