'Expedition Impossible' Winners: Where Should We Go Next?

The winning team from the ABC adventure series will let fans plan their next trip

Photo: Gilles Mingasson/ABC/Getty

After a month in Morocco enduring whitewater rapids, steep climbs, rugged terrain and foul-mannered camels, one team rappelled down a final wall to claim three Ford Explorers and the collective $150,000 prize.

The winners, who hoisted a banner in their signature color of purple after crossing the finish line to bear-hug host Dave Salmoni, were the Gypsies: John Post, 25, a sustainable farmer in Pensacola Beach, Fla.; Taylor Filasky, 31, a video producer in San Diego; and Eric Bach, 26, an entrepreneur in San Francisco.

“Getting to watch our journey had been absolutely amazing,” Filasky tells PEOPLE in a call from their finale viewing and celebration Thursday night in Colorado with the runner-up team No Limits, which featured blind mountain climber Erik Weihenmayer.

“We expected to have an awesome adventure on this trip,” adds Post. “But what we didn’t expect was to make such great friends and to get to share this amazing experience with such great people.”

They also didn’t expect purple to become their signature shade.

“Purple is actually Taylor’s favorite color,” says Post, needling Filasky. “At first, Eric and I were both not so into the purple but he really, really wanted it and it turned out really perfect. I think we rocked it.”

In his defense, Filasky says, “People are digging our [purple] T-shirts and we are making a lot of sales on them, and all the proceeds go to our next project, which is with Free the Children. We’re having our fans vote on our next adventure, which is either in Kenya, Ecuador or India, and we will do one of the four pillars of Free the Children, which is either clean water, health care, education or alternative income.”

He adds, “We really want to inspire the compassionate adventurer in everyone.”

The adventure began for the team when Post and Bach, fraternity brothers, set off post-college for travels around the world, experiencing different cultures and living a nomadic life. They picked up Filasky when both landed in San Diego.

Says Bach: “We were the modern gypsies even before the show.”

Could the men also be trendsetters? One of the team’s trademarks has been the moustache, as sported prominently by Post and Bach. “For future note,” Bach says, “do not make fun of Taylor’s facial situation. He is sick of hearing it!”

“I’ve been hearing it my whole life,” laments Filasky. “I’m used to it!”

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