Nick Kroll and John Mulaney are introducing fans to the "real" New York City

By Natalie Stone
November 14, 2018 06:15 PM

Nick Kroll and John Mulaney are introducing fans to the “real” New York City.

The actors, who starred as Gil Faizon and George St. Geegland in Netflix’s Oh, Hello on Broadway, are reprising their hilarious roles for a tour around the Big Apple with Cadillac — with Crazy Rich Asians star Awkwafina at the wheel.

In a hilarious new ad, Awkwafina portrays vlogger Val, who drives the comedic duo through the city in a Cadillac XT4 as they point out some of their favorite N.Y.C. spots, as well as gripe about how New York has changed.

“There’s certain things about New York that have changed, Val,” Kroll’s Gil says.

“We know the real New York,” says Mulaney’s George, who asks Val to “make a right up here” so that he can “flip off my florist.”

During the drive, they instruct her to “pull over right up here” before George exclaims, “Oh no, it’s gone.”

Gil then explains that a “vegan lingerie store” that they used to go to was replaced by a “supermarket for families.”

But not only has the landscape changed in their opinion, the generations have as well.

“I mean, I saw someone the other day eating avocado toast. I said, ‘Hey, what happened to being a bunch of kids on the corner signing ‘Doo-Wop’ and sniffing glue?’ ” says George.

As the drive concludes, the pair shows off “a real slice of New York history” — and arrives back at their place.

“The tour is over,” says George, before they invite Val to join them upstairs for “granola and olives.”