By Derek Lawrence
July 11, 2017 09:25 PM

Joe Scarborough is so disgusted, he says, with what he views as Republicans turning a blind eye to Donald Trump’s actions that he’s vowed to leave the party and become an Independent.

Appearing alongside his Morning Joe cohost and fiancée Mike Brzezinski on The Late Show, the former member of the House of Representatives ripped the party for which he once served, noting they “betrayed their core values” well before Trump was elected. But the president’s travel ban and relationship with KKK leader David Duke has only intensified Scarborough’s concerns.

“Time and time and time again they turn the other way,” he told host Stephen Colbert of Republicans Tuesday night. “And they’re doing the same thing now. And it’s actually disgusting. And you have to ask yourself, ‘What exactly is the Republican Party willing to do? How far are they willing to go? How much of this country and our values are they willing to sell out?’”

This prompted Colbert to interject and ask Scarborough about his own loyalty to the party, to which he hesitated and responded, “Um… I am a Republican, but I’m not gonna to be a Republican anymore. I’ve got to become an Independent.”

Brzezinski shared the clip, above, on Twitter, where earlier in the day Scarborough asked, “How long will Republicans subvert the best interests of their country to cover up for Donald Trump?” He later followed up with praise for some Republican politicians who have expressed concern about the president and his relationship with Russia.

This is just the latest development in the recent back-and-forth between Trump and the Morning Joe personalities. Last month on Twitter, the president called them “low I.Q. Crazy Mika” and “Psycho Joe,” while also accusing Brzezinski of having a face-lift. The duo responded on their show, with Scarborough declaring, “We’re okay. The country is not.”

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