The actor, 40, stepped out for the NFL’s LA Style Event on Thursday

By Mariah Haas
October 20, 2017 02:58 PM

It’s been almost two years since Joe Manganiello and Sofia Vergara, tied the knot — and with their wedding anniversary coming up in November, the actor knows it means one thing.

“I guess it means presents,” Manganiello told PEOPLE with a laugh while attending the NFL’s LA Style Event at the Levi’s Haus of Strauss on Thursday.

He added: “I married somebody that I absolutely love and adore, and who also loves and adores me, so that’s definitely something worth celebrating.”

Amanda Edwards/WireImage

But before the two even started dating, Manganiello, 40, made sure to tell Vergara, 45, about his Sunday Night Football tradition.

“I call my house Heinz Field West,” the Pittsburgh native and Steelers fan explained. “The gates open half hour before kick-off, and all of my friends come over. Every game, there’s always a group of Steeler guys in head-to-toe Steeler gear, and we yell and scream and cause a ruckus and order chicken wings and scream at the TV.”

Hiro Ueno/AP Images for National Football League

Vergara on the other hand? “She does her own thing on Sundays,” Manganiello admitted.

“I told her right off the bat, though,” he continued. “When we got together I said, ‘Look. Here’s the thing I need you to know during the season on Sundays, I have to watch this game.’”

The star even made arrangements while he and Vergara were vacationing in Bora Bora for the holidays so that he could watch the Steelers versus Ravens game last Christmas.

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“I’m hardcore,” Manganiello said. And now it seems like Steeler Nation has rubbed off on Vergara.

“I am friends with and part of the Steelers family,” Manganiello said. “And when they knew a couple of years ago that I was getting married, they started sending crates, every season, of every Steeler girl thing possible, just in case she came around!”

He adds: “And she wears it. She wears the stuff for me.”