Joe Manganiello Says He Loves Eating Dinner with Wife Sofia Vergara 'Every Night' amid Pandemic

Manganiello discussed social distancing with Vergara, the dangers of wearing an eye patch and more in PEOPLE’s One Last Thing

Joe Manganiello is grateful for the additional time he gets to spend with wife Sofia Vegara amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Chatting with People (the TV Show!) correspondent Sandra Vergara – who is Sofia's cousin – Manganiello, 44, opened up about social distancing with his wife in a segment of PEOPLE's One Last Thing.

"The best thing [about social distancing] is eating dinner together every night and the fact that I don't have to travel and that I'm here all the time and I get to see her," Manganiello, who produced and costars in Shoplifters of the World out Friday, said.

The actor then opened up about the last romantic date he and Sofia, 48, had.

"Sofia made a picnic so we went to have a picnic together with [our dog] Bubbles," the Justice League star told PEOPLE.

The couple celebrated their five-year wedding anniversary last November.

Speaking of his appearance as Deathstroke in Justice League, Manganiello had to wear an eyepatch, which he does not recommend unless it's medically necessary.

"You don't want to wear those when you're not shooting 'cause you actually lose depth perception," he says. " You'll fall right down the stairs."

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Manganiello also opened up to PEOPLE about the shows he and Sofia have been watching while social distancing.

"Sofía had never seen The Sopranos, Mad Men or The Wire," Manganiello said. "So we watched every single episode of all of those shows, and a bunch of others too, during the pandemic."

"It was like revisiting all the golden eras of TV that she had never seen before, which was really fun," he added.

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