Teresa Giudice is traveling to Italy this week to see her husband Joe Giudice

By Jodi Guglielmi
November 05, 2019 10:56 AM

Joe Giudice is revamping his style ahead of his long-awaited reunion with wife Teresa Giudice and their four kids.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey star, 49, went shopping for a new pair of jeans in Salerno, Italy, on Tuesday and documented his attempts at updating his look on Instagram.

“Right jean shopping in Salerno…… new style,” he captioned the clip.

In the video, Joe tried on a new pair of jeans — and they are clearly a bit tighter than he is used to. The reality star is seen laughing and pulling at them before demonstrating his lack of mobility with a leg raise.

“I’ll tell Audriana I’m going to be a ballerina,” he joked.

Joe’s oldest daughter Gia, 18, commented, “still has me dying” with a handful of crying-laughing emojis.

The post comes just days after Joe — who is living in his grandmother’s home in Sala Consilina as he awaits the final appeal in his deportation ruling — joined Instagram.

In one of his first posts, he shared a photo from a night out with family and friends, including Teresa’s father Giacinto Gorga.

“Always a full table…” Joe captioned one group photo of him and Gorga dining together at a packed dinner table.

On his Instagram Story, Joe uploaded a smiling photo of him and Gorga, tagging Teresa, 47.

Last week, Joe appeared in his first television interview since he went to prison in March 2016, chatting via satellite with Teresa in a Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen special.

The couple revealed that Teresa would be traveling to Italy this week to see Joe, alongside daughters Gia, Gabriella, 15, Milania, 13, and Audriana, 10. The Giudice family reunion will be documented by Bravo cameras for a RHONJ special, Cohen said.

A lot is riding on that reunion for Teresa and Joe. They both told Cohen they’re at a crossroads with their marriage and would not be making any decisions until they spent some time together in person.

“I’m waiting until I get there to see if I feel differently,” Teresa said. “I just feel like when you live apart. … He says the same thing, when he sees me, he may not want this either. We’ll know when we see each other.”

Credit: Earl Gibson III/Getty

Both maintained that they still love each other.

“Of course, she’s my wife. I’ve been with her a long time. No matter what happens, I’ll always love her,” Joe said.

“I do love him as a person,” Teresa said. “I’ll start crying. I do care about him, I love him.”

Teresa and Joe have been married for 20 years, though they have been living apart for years. Joe began a 41-month prison sentence for mail, wire and bankruptcy fraud in March 2016; Teresa served a little over 11 months in prison for the same crimes, and was released on Dec. 23, 2015.

Joe was released from prison last year but was held in the custody of Immigration and Customs Enforcement at the Clinton County Correctional Center in Pennsylvania, awaiting a decision on his deportation ruling.

Though Joe has lived in the United States since he was a child, he never obtained American citizenship, and immigrants can be deported if they are convicted of “a crime of moral turpitude” or an “aggravated felony,” according to U.S. law.

That ruling was made last October. He’s appealed twice so far and has been denied both times. A final ruling is expected this month.

A petition to be released back to his home wasn’t granted, but a request to go to Italy was. In October, he was released from ICE custody and flew to Italy, where he has been ever since.

Season 10 of The Real Housewives of New Jersey premieres Wednesday at 8 p.m. ET on Bravo.