Jodie Sweetin on the Challenges of Being a Child Star: 'People Want to Know Both the Good and the Bad About You'

"I love taking the good stuff and the bad stuff I've been through and being able to share it with people," the actress tells PEOPLE

Jodie Sweetin is no stranger to the spotlight — but the Fuller House star admits that there are highs and lows to growing up in the public eye.

“The blessing and the curse of being in this industry is that people want to know about you and what it is that you do and have done, the good and the bad,” Sweetin, 35, exclusively tells PEOPLE. “What that affords you is the opportunity to be able to share those things and be able to grow with people and in front of people.”

She adds: “I love taking the good stuff and the bad stuff I’ve been through and being able to share it with people. If nothing else, being in the limelight gives you the platform to speak about things you believe in.”


Sweetin, who landed the role of Stephanie Tanner on Full House at the age of five, has had her share of struggles, including a painful crystal meth addiction. Most recently, Sweetin and her ex-fiancé Justin Hodak endured a very public split, in which Hodak was arrested for violating a restraining order she has against him.

Despite the never-ending uphill battles, the actress remains upbeat — with her two daughters (Beatrix Coyle, 6, and Zoie Herpin, 8) by her side.

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“It’s definitely been a roller coaster, but with amazing family, friends and fans, I’ll be just fine,” the star recently wrote on Instagram.

Sweetin, who is currently starring alongside Christine Lakin and Beverley Mitchell in Pop TV’s scripted comedy series, Hollywood Darlings, admits she finds solace in sharing her ups and downs with others.

“When you share your story, you get to share your strength and your humanity and I think it levels the playing field of when people put you on a pedestal,” she says. “It’s a reminder that we’re all human, all of us. And I love that.”

Adding, “For a long time it was just uncomfortable and I wanted to pretend that everything was okay. But you just really have to embrace it and go, ‘You know what, whatever it is that we’ve been through or who we are, life happens to everyone regardless of if you’re famous or not.’ If people get to hear a little bit more of my story and they can relate because I happen to be famous, then I think it’s actually a really amazing opportunity.”

Hollywood Darlings airs Wednesdays (8 p.m. ET) on Pop TV.

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