Jodie Sweetin Granted Temporary Restraining Order Against Ex-Fiancé Justin Hodak Alleging Drug Abuse, Illegal Guns and Threats of Violence

Sweetin and her ex-fiancé announced their split on Friday in a statement to PEOPLE

Jodie Sweetin has been granted a temporary restraining order against her ex-fiancé Justin Hodak, according to court documents obtained by PEOPLE.

Sweetin, 35, signed the papers on Thursday — a day before a rep for the actress announced the couple’s split after a year-long engagement.

According to the documents, Sweetin was granted protection from Hodak, 40, requiring that he stay at least 100 yards away from her, her home, her job, her vehicle, her children’s school, and that he not contact her either directly or indirectly.

In the documents, the actress was also granted protection for her two children — daughters Beatrix Coyle, 6, and Zoie Herpin, 8 — her mother, Janice Sweetin, 67, her father, Sam Sweetin, 82, and her assistant, Lauren Hussey, 29.


According to the court documents, Sweetin claims that police arrived at her home on March 18, 2017 when Hodak “said he was going to take a 9 millimeter pistol with him, and use it to kill himself.”

“On March 18, 2017, Justin Hodak engaged in a violent argument with Jodie Sweetin at their then-shared residence … Hodak has a history of drug abuse, but had been sober for a time before the incident,” the documents read.

“However, Hodak had been using steroids and testosterone supplements, which made his temper worse, and on the night of the incident, was abusing alcohol and marijuana. During the argument, he screamed at Sweetin using harshly abusive language,” the documents read. “Sweetin then asked him to leave the house. He threatened to commit suicide if she made him leave. He escalated the conflict by pulling down a seven-foot bookcase, which blocked the doorway to the room that Sweetin was in, effectively trapping her there.”

The documents also state that “[Hodak] then took out a nine millimeter pistol, and threatened to use it. He later left the house, taking the weapon with him.”

According to the documents, “Hodak has acknowledged to Sweetin that he had served time in jail for felony offenses. He told her that he committed a robbery to support a drug habit. According to law enforcement, his prior offenses include assault with a deadly weapon. He kept an illegal AR-15 assault rifle at the house, which the police have confiscated.”

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The documents also state that “in the day between his departure from the house and his being served with the Emergency Protective Order, he made at least 87 phone calls to Sweetin’s cell phone. He threatened to sell potentially embarrassing pictures of Sweetin that he has on his phone.”

The Fuller House star also alleges in the documents that “on previous occasions, Hodak had engaged in violent arguments with Sweetin, in which he threw objects at her. Following a prior break-up with Sweetin, he came to the Warner Bros. lot in Burbank, where Sweetin works as an actress, demanding to see her and engaging in a dispute with the security guards there. He also waited for Sweetin to confront her at her children’s school.”

She also claims in the court documents that “Justin Hodak has a history of harassing the family members of his former girlfriends.”

Sweetin and Hodak met through mutual friends and announced their engagement in January 2016 after two years of dating. Hodak was often seen with Sweetin at red carpet events promoting her Full House spin-off Fuller House.

A court hearing is scheduled for April 14.

PEOPLE was unable to reach Hodak for comment at time of publication.

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