Jodie Sweetin posted a sweet throwback photo of herself and John Stamos in honor of the actor's 55th birthday

By Jodi Guglielmi
August 20, 2018 11:23 AM
Credit: Jerod Harris/Getty Images

How rude!

Jodie Sweetin set the record straight after a fan accused her of sleeping with her Full House costar John Stamos.

On Sunday, Sweetin posted a sweet throwback photo of herself and Stamos in honor of the actor’s 55th birthday.

“Happy Birthday, Uncle J! My, my… we’ve made quite the memories these last 30+ years! I can’t believe you’re about 10 years younger than I am currently in this photo!!” she wrote. “We were babies! (Well, I actually was… haha) Love you so much.”

In the photo, a young Stamos smiles as he holds Sweetin.

But the sweet moment was shortlived after a social media user alleged that Sweetin might have had an inappropriate relationship with Stamos, according to a post on the popular @CommentsByCelebs account.

“How can you still say uncle to him when it’s been reported that you slept with him?!” wrote the user in the comments section. “That’s just nasty.”

The actress quickly responded, writing that the rumor was not true.

“Hahahah…um…what?!” she wrote. “Yeah…that’s def not true.”

Sweetin and Stamos starred together on the original Full House series from 1987-1995, alongside Candace Cameron Bure, Andrea Barber, Bob Saget, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen and more. In 2016, the cast (minus the Olsen twins) reprised their original roles for the spinoff Netflix series Fuller House.

Full House cast
| Credit: Bob D'Amico/ABC/Getty

And after playing an on-screen family for so many years, the cast has said they consider each other family in their real lives, too. Sweetin even told PEOPLE that the cast is still protective over each other.

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“I remember I told my fiancée, ‘Just so you know, you will have to meet my family and then you’ll have to meet my Full House family. And I’m not sure which is going to be tougher,; ” she said.

“Bob [Saget] sat down with my fiancée and had a whole conversation with him,” she continued, “and totally had the dad conversation with him.”