The comedian issues an apology, of sorts, for dropping the F-bomb on a British show

By Mike Fleeman
Updated June 17, 2008 04:15 PM

Joan Rivers issued an apology, of sorts, for dropping the F-bomb and a scatological reference in the same breath on a live British TV show.

“Yes, I swore, and I’m so f—— sorry,” the comedian, who has publicly admitted to being in her 70s, said in a statement – though the statement actually spelled out the same offending gerund Rivers used on the chat show Loose Women (a kind of British version of The View.

Rivers went code blue when she was asked about the challenges of interviewing celebrities on the red carpet. She said, “Get ready to bleep this,” before using the offending words while talking about Russell Crowe.

Only the show didn’t bleep it.

“We do apologize for that,” the host said into the camera. “Joan didn’t realize that we were absolutely live.”

Rivers, who was promoting her live show Joan Rivers: A Work in Progress By a Life in Progress, which will open the Edinburgh International Festival in August, was then asked to leave the set during a commercial break.

“No one told me the TV show Loose Women was a reality show and that I would be voted off,” said she later in her statement. “It’s funny: offstage, I hardly ever use profanity. My favorite four-letter word is ‘shop.’ ”