Plus, find out Cooper Rivers' hilarious Mother's Day gift for his mom
Credit: Spencer Heyfron

When Melissa Rivers‘ son Cooper wants to get his way, his go-to is late grandma, Joan Rivers.

“He misses her, but he has moved into the typical teenage phase of pulling it out as a weapon,” Melissa explains.

Like, ‘I can’t believe you won’t let me go to Coachella, grandma would’ve let me!’ ” Melissa explains, adding, “[I’m] like, ‘No she wouldn’t have. And if she did, she would’ve gone with you and embarrassed you.’ ”

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The legendary comedian stopped breathing during a routine throat procedure on Aug. 28, 2014, and died a week later.

Now, nearly two years after her mother’s unexpected death, Melissa is auctioning off items from her mother’s private estate available at Christie’s in New York City June 16-23 with some proceeds benefiting charity.

Says Melissa, Joan “was always adamant that even your finest things should be used and loved and not just in the bank vault or in storage.”