Jackie Collins died in September after secretly battling breast cancer
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Joan Collins planned on spending the holidays with her beloved sister Jackie Collins in Hawaii. But after the bestselling romance novelist died in September – just days after revealing her battle with breast cancer to PEOPLE in what became her final interview – her loved ones will celebrate Christmas in her native London instead.

“There’s millions of us,” Joan told NBC’s Today show of their family Monday. “Jackie had three children, six grandchildren, and I’ve got three children, three grandchildren, and they’ve all got partners and boyfriends, so we’re all going to be together at my sister-in-law’s house.”

Joan, 82, also praised Jackie, 77, as “very brave” for fighting the cancer privately for more than six years.

“She was the most wonderful person,” Joan said. “She was kind and loving. The was the best mother in the world, I mean she brought up her children while she was writing books, and we’re all devastated.”

The Dynasty star appeared on Today to promote her upcoming Beverly Hills auction of her dresses, jewelry and even love letters from former fiancée Warren Beatty.

Frankly, I can’t fit into any of these dresses, darling, anymore! But I just thought it would be rather nice for some people to have these amazing gowns that are just so beautiful,” she told Matt Lauer. “Some of them are from Dynasty, some of them are from other movies that I did and some of them are things … that I designed myself. And I won’t wear them again, because you know, if you’re an actress, you wear something once, you get fitted and you can’t wear it again.”