Pregnant Jinger Duggar's Siblings Clash Over Kitchen Cabinet Styles While Touring Her New Home

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Jinger (Duggar) Vuolo‘s sibling aren’t shying away from sharing their opinions about her new home.

The 24-year-old reality star, who is expecting her first child with her husband Jeremy Vuolo, is a new and proud homeowner, and is in the process of giving some tender loving care to her Laredo, Texas, abode. In a PEOPLE exclusive sneak peek at Monday evening’s episode of Counting On, some of Jinger’s visiting brothers and sisters get the grand tour of her new pad — and have a few ideas about the aesthetics of the space.

“When we arrived at Jinger and Jeremy’s new house, they had painters there repainting the whole house and it was really coming together,” sister Jessa (Duggar) Vuolo says. “But as we started to walk through the rooms, we came to the kitchen and we thought, this room needs some help.”

Jinger DuggarCourtesy TLC
Courtesy TLC
Jinger DuggarCourtesy TLC
Courtesy TLC

Upon entering the kitchen, Jessa, 25, inquires about the cabinets’ coloring. “They’re darker-stained wood” Jinger explains. “I like them just fine and I think before with the paint, it was like a dark green and it was difficult.”

Although Jinger is content with the darker wood look, mom of two Jessa thinks a new slab of paint would brighten up the kitchen.

“The wood was just so dark, it made the space feel even smaller and pretty cramped,” Jessa shares. “Jana and I are thinking: they should paint the cabinets.”

“I think it would be a dramatically new look,” says Jessa. “Jeremy kind of likes classic and he thinks the wood cabinets are kind of classic. And they are. John thinks that too. He’s like, ‘They look fine. They look fine. Don’t do anything to them. Just leave them alone. They look fine.’ But we want a transformation here.”

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Like Jessa, Jana also thinks a lighter-colored paint could make the kitchen feel bigger and suggests white for the top and grey for the bottom cabinets.

“I’m game for it,” says Jinger. “Jeremy does like them, but he said it’s fine. He said we can change them too.”

Though Jinger’s sisters are hoping the cabinets will get a facelift, her brothers side with Jeremy in preferring the classic, brown look.

“As soon as you start putting paint on, two years later it goes out of style. It’s hard to go back,” shares John David.

He continues: “You know, after living in the Duggar house for a long time, you kind of get used to us having discussions. We try to make decisions quickly and there’s a lot of discussion that goes on. And sometimes it’s multiple people talking at the same time.”

Adds Jason: “When all of the brothers and sisters get together and try to decide to do something, generally it’s pretty chaotic because everybody has their own idea because we’ve all painted houses, we’ve all laid tile. We’ve all down the work like that, so we all have our two cents that we want to add in there.”

As for Jinger? “I mean, I like it either way,” she says.

Counting On airs Mondays (9 p.m. ET) on TLC.

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