October 30, 2017 05:22 PM

Jimmy Kimmel Live! is welcoming a week of guest hosts due to the postponement of Jimmy Kimmel’s son’s heart surgery and a minor cold.

“As a precautionary measure, the scheduled second heart surgery for Jimmy Kimmel’s son Billy had to be postponed this week due to the common cold,” ABC said in a statement.

“Jimmy is very grateful” to those celebrities “for filling his very small shoes as guest hosts this week while he, his wife, and children sneeze on each other,” the statement continued.

Jimmy Kimmel/Instagram

Shaquille O’Neal will kick things off tonight, and he’ll be followed by Dave Grohl, Channing Tatum, and Jennifer Lawrence.

Each of the guest hosts will bring their own brand of humor and unique personality to the late-night talk show. The slate of fill-ins will also provide some interesting pairings with show guests, including O’Neal and actress Mila Kunis, Grohl and fellow rocker Alice Cooper (on Halloween no less), Tatum and Ellen DeGeneres, and Lawrence and Kim Kardashian.

Currently, Kimmel is scheduled to return to regular programming as host next week.

 A version of this story originally appeared on EW.com.

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