The two have an long-running "feud"

By Mark Gray
June 20, 2019 12:04 PM

Jimmy Kimmel‘s Comedy Club opened up in Las Vegas last week with several A-listers in the house, but there’s one person who is never to be allowed on the premises: Matt Damon.

“I’d love to see him do standup. I think it would be a nightmare for him and everyone involved, but he’s not going to be doing it at my club because we have a restraining order against him,” Kimmel joked to PEOPLE at the June 14 opening, where Sarah Silverman, Chris Tucker and Gordon Ramsay were in attendance. “Las Vegas Metro Police are on alert to make sure he never gets in here.”

Matt Damon Jimmy Kimmel
Credit: Jerritt Clark/Getty

Luckily for Kimmel, 51, his faux arch nemesis didn’t show up, but several members of the late night host’s inner circle were on hand to see the opening of his first ever comedy club, which Kimmel says will have a presence on his late night ABC show, Jimmy Kimmel Live! Located in the Linq Promenade, just a few miles from where Kimmel grew up, the club is special to the funnyman.

“It’s exciting. I will not lie,” he said when asked what it was like seeing his name on the building for the first time. “It’s something that I think every kid growing up in Las Vegas would be excited about, because you see a lot of stuff on buildings, but to be on the Las Vegas Strip, it’s special, especially to me. I think I felt like a young Donald Trump.”

Kimmel has hardly been phoning it in when it comes to the club, and has been involved in nearly every aspect. The two-level space is actually somewhat modeled after his home in Los Angeles, as it features a bar, oversized couches and memorabilia — all things you find his house.

“I just figure if my name’s going to be on something, I want it to represent me in the best way possible,” he said. “I’m involved in the cocktails and the food and everything, the décor. I had them repaint things. I’ve been very annoying to the management of this club.”

Asked if he’s been annoying his family in regards to the grand opening, he joked, “The family generally annoys me. It goes the other way around.”

And he won’t be personally making money off the club, regardless of how well it does. In fact, it was announced on Friday that he plans to donate whatever profits he receives from the comedy club to Las Vegas charities.

“I just think it’s important to support your hometown. It’s important to support national causes and things everyone rallies around,” he said. “But I think when you grow up in a city, it’s important to give back to that city and I had the opportunity to do it, so I thought it would be a nice thing to do.”