Jimmy Kimmel Jokes About Matt Damon, Hosting 'Nude' and How the 2020 Emmys Are Coming Together

"The challenge is how to make it feel like not all the jokes are bombing," Jimmy Kimmel tells PEOPLE of the audience-less awards show

Jimmy Kimmel has hosted the Emmys twice before, but no amount of experience could prepare him for his third go around, creating a virtual show.

In an interview with PEOPLE, Kimmel, 52, reveals what it's been like preparing for the 2020 Emmys, and how he he'll keep pal Matt Damon away from the stage.

jimmy kimmel
Jimmy Kimmel. Christopher Willard/ABC

How do you begin to plan something like this?

It starts with a lot of questions and a lot of scenarios, and then we never seem to get beyond that. So it’s like, “If this happens, what will we do?” And then somebody thinks of something else that might happen or might not happen.

Is it easier or harder than when you’ve hosted in years past?

It’s harder and a completely different ball game. There’s no audience. As a comedian, getting no laughs — which is certainly something I’ve become accustomed to, even in front of audiences — is tough. That’s the measure of whether something was funny. So the challenge is how to make it feel like not all the jokes are bombing.

What are the odds your pal Matt Damon will crash the stage again?

I don’t have any friends named Matt. I have an enemy named Matt, if that’s what you’re asking, and he’s not invited to be a part of anything I’m involved with. This year we have extra security.

Is the dress code still black-tie, or can you get away with wearing slippers instead of dress shoes?

I will be appearing nude on this broadcast. That’s a surprise that we weren’t planning to reveal. Yes, I will not be wearing any clothes at all, nor will any of the presenters or nominees. Even the camera guys are going to be naked. It’s going to be great.

Afterparty plans?

Well, usually we do have an afterparty. Yeah. No, there will be no afterparty. What's going to happen at the end is we're all going to look at each other and nod and go home. That's it.

You're a skilled pancake artist, and we've seen your work before, so can we expect one ahead of the Emmy's?

My kids have tired of pancakes and they want oatmeal every morning now, so I'd like to make them pancakes, they just don't want them. And I'm sure it will come back around, but for the time being, I wind up spending a lot of time making pancakes that they're not interested in eating.

The 72nd Emmy Awards air live Sunday from 8-11 p.m. ET on ABC.

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