The late-night host's challenge elicits laughter and anger from bewildered dads

By Maria Coder
Updated June 23, 2015 09:00 AM
Credit: Randy Holmes/ABC

We all know Jimmy Kimmel loves a good prank, but this year’s Father’s Day YouTube challenge may be the gutsiest one yet!

The late-night host asked Jimmy Kimmel Live! viewers to serve dad breakfast in the shower, ambush-style.

Naked and wet, the dads were understandably befuddled when their kids snuck up on them in the privacy of their bathrooms armed with cereal, eggs, even orange juice. “Happy Father’s Day!” they chirped.

Angry screams met with squeals and laughter. Most dads, shocked and bewildered, took cover behind shower curtains and sliding doors. Others, however, didn’t seem so sold on the idea.

Kimmel’s YouTube challenges are rather infamous. In the past he’s asked viewers to spray dad with a hose and pour breakfast over sleeping heads.

Watch the latest clip above, and be warned: It contains NSFW language.