Jimmy Kimmel Polls Kids About Gay Marriage, and Their Answers Are Hilariously Wise

The children have meaningful and humorous things to say


Jimmy Kimmel likes to kid around.

Days after the Supreme Court legalized gay marriage, Jimmy Kimmel Live put a lighthearted spin on the subject by asking children for their opinions.

In the clip, the kids come across as open-minded. One girl (who plans to tie the knot at age 30) suggests that while “some kids” may have a hard time wrapping their heads around gay marriage, she believes that anybody should be able to wed “if you’re old enough.”

A boy also chimes in with his support for same-sex unions, saying, “If they want to, they should be able to.” But odds are slim he will walk down the aisle anytime soon. His disinterest in marrying stems from frugality, he explains: “When you get married, the other person is entitled to any money the other person has.”

The icing on the (wedding) cake is this answer from one incredibly practical boy. When questioned why a person would want to get hitched, he responds, “Because they’re pregnant.”

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Watch all the cute interviews above. Jimmy Kimmel Live airs weeknights at 11:35 p.m. ET on ABC.

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